Teach a dynamic, functional modern martial art program, that will prepare your students for the Mat, Street & Life!

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JOIN a revolution in Modern Martial Arts, where we as a Team, are offering a life transforming martial art experience. Join our Team, and together lets inspire our students to apply what we coach them, to not only defend themselves, but to have the courage to take on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life and Win!

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    World Class Online Curriculum

    A step-by-step video curriculum, that you can access 24/7, designed around key courses, that will help you become a successful Trainer from day one. Check Out Our Courses Here!

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    Robust Support

    Between being assigned a Trainer Buddy, access to our Trainer Only Facebook group, and a Regional Training Director - you have all the support you will ever need to become successful.

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    Brand Recognition

    Crazy Monkey Defense is a global affordable brand - with no hidden costs. You Brand License fee, either paid monthly, or up front for 12-months covers everything. Teach, advertise, and build a successful martial art business.


What Trainers are Saying About the Crazy Monkey Experience

“Crazy Monkey has changed how I feel about myself and my role in the world.”Darren Horne - Owner Crazy Monkey Cumbria (UK)
The trainers and clients worldwide are truly changing the way martial arts is viewed, coached and experienced! Jason Oxholm - Owner Crazy Monkey Alaska
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